Take a carefree look into the future today.

Sicher in die Zukunft

Take a carefree look into the future today.

With a Metz television you’ll always be up to date. Today’s latest technology guarantees entertainment at its best, even in the future – all thanks to the innovative Metz Media System, which makes it possible to access numerous online services and over 50,000 Internet radio stations. With their advanced technology, Metz televisions save valuable energy – as a responsible and environmentally-aware company, Metz is looking to the future.

Bluetooth® - Wireless listening pleasure

The days of a tangle of cables are over: thanks to wireless Bluetooth® technology in Metz televisions, you can pair a Bluetooth® headset directly with the television, allowing you to enjoy wireless listening pleasure. Music from smartphones and tablets can also be streamed to the Metz television via Bluetooth®, turning it into a high-fidelity music amplifier.*

* supported audio profile A2DP

Your centre with an exceptional touch.

Metz Media System

Metz turns your television into a multimedia centre. The integrated Metz Media System makes it simple to play videos and music, and display photos through your television. Your Metz TV retrieves the digital data from your PC, network, digital camera, smartphone or tablet PC. Thus allowing you to set up a multimedia network in your home, conveniently controlled using your Metz remote control, or if you prefer, using your tablet PC or smartphone, thanks to the MetzRemote app. Moreover, the Metz Media System gives you access to Internet radio and to the many online services with the new television standard HbbTV. Whilst watching a TV program, you can retrieve additional information via the internet – or watch programs you’ve missed using the broadcasters’ media libraries and access additional services from TV broadcasters. The digital HbbTV teletext and the electronic program guide (EPG) also open up many new and interesting possibilities.


You can use the Metz Media System to integrate your television in your own home network along with your PC or notebook – and conveniently exchange stored data.


Connect your television with a PC or notebook: the Metz Media System enables you to transfer photos, films and music from your hard drive to your TV set.

TV portal

You can access numerous online services using this application gallery. The portal offers plenty of default services, news, information and broadcaster-specific content such as media libraries. In addition, you can even add your own webpages.


Make use of online services via HbbTV (access via the red star button on the remote control): with the Metz Media System it is possible, for example, to display information on current program schedules – or to retrieve programs from TV media libraries.


From photos to videos or music: with the Metz Media System you can transfer files directly from a USB memory stick to your television – and run them via the Media Player.


Turn your television into a hi-fi system: with the Metz Media System you can listen to digital music files on your TV.


An impressive display for your holiday photos: no problem thanks to the convenient slide show function in the Metz Media System. And you can do this from a digital camera, a USB device, your PC or any other device in your network.


From holiday videos to feature films: with the Metz Media System you can stream videos, for example from the hard drive on your notebook, directly to your television.

Internet radio

In addition to the integrated DVB radio function, Metz devices with the Metz Media System now also provide access to an Internet radio function. Televisions connected to the Internet via the home network can establish a direct connection to TuneIn’s web radio service, which provides a huge range of radio stations and streamed content. It goes without saying that the Metz television screen can be deactivated for this. With a selection of over 50,000 radio stations, there is something to suit every taste, from small, local broadcasters to large, international radio stations. Use the search function to find your favourite station or discover new musical experiences, using the music genre search function for example.

Smarter TV viewing: That's what your TV offers.

MetzRemote app - The smartphone as a remote control

MetzRemote provides all the functions of the convenient Metz remote control in various, easy-to-read display views. The application combines all the benefits of a remote control with the additional advantages of modern iOS and Android smartphones. The app can be used to change the channel, display the programmed channel list including programme information, helps to sort channels, allows you to adjust the volume, permits text input and much more. If desired, the MetzRemote app can even be used to control several Metz televisions. MetzRemote is available for free in the Apple iTunes Store and in the Google Play Store.

Internet Timer - smart programming

You’re out and about and you’ve forgotten to program your Metz
television? No problem, because with the new Metz Remote
Timer you can simply use your smartphone to do it – and record
your favourite programme at the desired time. Those with a Metz
television need only to register once at record.metz.de with their
activation code, any login name and a personal password. Rather
than manually inputting the activation code, users can simply
scan the QR code shown on the screen of their Metz TV. Whether
with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can program your
recordings using practically any internet browser, independent of
the operating system.

Multiroom TV function

A program running on a Metz television with a network function and PVR can also be watched on another television or compatible playback device. This can be done if you start to watch a program on your main device and then take it to another compatible device within your home network using the multiroom function, e.g. the television in the bedroom. The main device will then be free for others to watch any other program.

Twin multi–tuner (PIP)

Watch two different channels at the same time

The practical picture-in-picture (PIP) function* makes it possible to easily watch two programs simultaneously – during the advertising break, for example – or alternatively in splitscreen mode, which is particularly easy to watch. In this way, you can use teletext on one channel whilst watching another at the same time. Thanks to the HD-PIP function, you can also watch a HD channel with picture-in-picture mode.

* depending on signal source

Experience first-class television.

Exceptional quality

Metz – Made in Germany: For decades, this seal of quality has stood for first-class televisions that combine cuttingedge technology with exceptional quality. Metz is the perfect choice for discerning customers looking for an exceptional viewing experience. And we are dedicated to making sure it stays that way.


First-class service

Metz televisions are available exclusively from authorised dealers, and there is a good reason for this: we want our customers to benefit from expert advice and top-quality service. After all, all you should have to do with your television is enjoy it.


Technical perfection

Breathtakingly clear pictures, brilliant immersive sound: Metz televisions stand for technical perfection. To achieve this we use technologies that are both state-of-the-art and reliable. To ensure we live up to our high technical standards at all times, we develop and manufacture televisions in Germany.


Ready for the future

Metz offers products with a future. As television and the Internet increasingly merge, our customers will find themselves perfectly prepared. In future, viewers will want to watch television without time constraints – something modern Metz TVs already offer today. From media streaming with the Metz Media System to HbbTV* or recording with the integrated hard disk recorder: with Metz, it’s the customer who designs the TV schedule.



As simple as possible: thanks to the innovative Tri-Star operating system, Metz televisions can be operated with ease via the remote control. Menu navigation is self-explanatory and the range of functions can be extended or reduced, as the user wishes. Using a Home button, all functions can even be reached from one central point.