The best television experience you'll ever have: OLED

OLED screen technology delivers unprecedented image quality: 33 million sub-pixels, each of which can be individually controlled, are used in our sophisticated and reliable Metz OLED screens. To display real black, dark image areas can be turned off with pixel-precise accuracy. This enables previously unachievable levels of black, which also means particularly high-contrast images with lifelike colours. The 10-bit colour depth with up to four times finer gradation ensures smooth transitions and bright and natural colour rendering – from every angle and with evenly balanced illumination. The self-illuminating pixels enable an ultra-fast reaction time: the screen reacts more quickly and more fluidly than ever before. Breathtakingly sharp thanks to UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and flicker-free, 3D polarised filter technology. Experience a whole new viewing dimension.