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Here you can download privacy statement for Smart TV, data of energy consumption and declaration of conformity. Please choose the one you need in the download area.

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Energy consumption - Energy efficiency class

Since 30.11.2011, televisions have had to carry an energy label in accordance with EU Framework Directive 2010/30.

You can download an overview of our current range of televisions as a PDF here.


Download data of energy consumption


Please note that the energy label is only of limited information value, as it measures the environmental friendliness of a television only on the basis of the actual power consumption.

Metz LCD televisions feature the ability to integrate the functionality of different individual components (such as set-top boxes or digital recorders) on one device and thus consume less energy than the combined consumption of comparable separate devices.

In addition to its greater user-friendliness, Metz’s integrated solution has the advantage of not requiring additional power supply units, remote controls, cables or unit housings, which already makes for lower energy consumption and resource conservation at the manufacturing stage. “Made in Germany” also means that transport journeys are reduced to a minimum, avoiding additional environmental impact.

The energy label is not the sole criterion for a better television. The optimal performance of a television depends crucially on the quality of image and sound, to which Metz has always attached great importance.

Please keep these points in mind, particularly when making your purchase decision, as they are only taken into account inadequately, if at all, on the energy label.